My name is Krystal Monique Toney and I am a Ph.D. student in environmental science at the University of North Texas. My graduate work focuses on the disparities in access to conservation education and nature amongst Black and low socioeconomic students in Texas. My journey in environmental studies began in 2010 when I witnessed a turtle being ran over while trying to cross the street to the Trinity River Audubon Center (TRAC). Being the inquisitive spirit that I am, I decided to visit TRAC and learned the history of this pristine reclaimed nature preserve within a predominately black neighborhood. It was here, on this reclaimed land, that I developed a love for research and acquired a basic foundation of knowledge related to environmental justice and inclusion. During my undergraduate degree, I utilized camera traps to build a photographic archive of animals living within the park. I hosted groups of volunteers, led hikes and engaged in conversations related to conservation education. I decided to created Black In Nature as an attempt to share my knowledge, creativity and love for nature while, simultaneously, encouraging other Black/POC to love and embrace our beautiful and natural world. Citizen Of The Earth is a program dedicated to educating youth within low socioeconomic areas about conservation via inclusive education and engaging activities.