Honoring Black Marine Scientists: Meet Alex Troutman

As Black In Nature continues to highlight Black, Brown, and Indigenous scientists and their contributions to scientific explorations, discoveries, and advancements, we must also take the time to remember the significance of representation in scientific fields. Alex Troutman, while providing much-needed representation in marine science, also serves as an advocate, leader, and teacher for future scientists. He is actively sharing his experiences, discoveries, and journey on social media as he embarks on this journey of being a Black marine scientist in America. Thank you, Mr. Alex Troutman for your continued devotion to your field and for providing representation for Black, Indigenous, and children of Color all over the world.

Meet Alex Troutman

Hi, my name is Alex Troutman, I’m a wildlife biologist and environmental educator with a passion for sharing and immersing the younger generation into nature. I am currently pursuing a master’s degree in conservation biology and conducting research in tidal salt marshes of Georgia. The research is using video footage and sweep netting to assess the diets of seaside sparrow nestlings in tidal salt marshes of Brunswick, GA. Seaside sparrows are birds and their habitat is facing increasing pressures from climate change, sea-level rise, and other human-caused factors like habitat loss due to Coastal development.

The natural world has always been fascinating to me. It started as a young child and seeing Red-tailed Hawks soaring overhead while fishing with my family, to being distracted by the reptiles and amphibians I would uncover while doing yard work. It eventually led to camping and several environmental and wildlife jobs like a park ranger, environmental educator, an Endangered Species Observer, and now my career as a wildlife biologist. I work in the natural resources and conservation field because I want to ensure that future generations have the chance to see and experience the wildlife and ecosystems that I have. When I’m not working or conducting research, I present wildlife and environmental programs both in person and on social media as N8ture _AL. I know that representation matters, I grew up not having anyone who looked like me in the field I wanted to be in. So, I want to not only be that representation but also make sure that the next generation of scientists know that Black and Brown people like them can also be wildlife biologists, marine scientists, and other scientific disciplines!

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