Honoring Black Marine Scientists: Meet Malique Bowen

As #BlackInMarineScienceWeek comes to an end, the hard work these Black dedicated scientists do every day continues to impact and inspire Black children everywhere. Long after the hashtag has lost its steam, Black marine scientists, like Malique Bowen, continue to conduct essential research and provide Black representation within the scientific field of Marine Science. Thank you, Malique Bowen, for your continued contributions and innovation.

Meet Malique Bowen

Hey! My name is Malique, and I am currently a Master’s student at the University of Delaware’s College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment! Right now, I am working with microbes from the environment to better assess water quality in Delaware. Microbes are found everywhere, and plants, animals, and people have specific microbes that we can use to track pollution in water. This is important because with more pollution diminishing our water quality, we need more specific tools to track where this pollution is coming from. With better tracking tools we can provide better management strategies for better water quality.

This is an important topic and also fun in many ways! I am pursuing research that allows me to continue what I love doing like working in the lab, collecting animal samples, and staying on the water! I hope that young black/brown students will see me out in the field or in the lab and know that they are welcomed in any space they want to occupy.

Connect with Malique Bowen by clicking here.

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